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Monartail, Swallarch -- What the Hell Is It?

The Scott’s Lawn Care logo is going around like a bad cold, and part of the image is a morphed / fused / hybrid of a monarch and swallowtail. At least it’s a female. Or is that not a good thing? Some are pointing out this may be an actual butterfly mutated as a result of overexposure to a certain company’s lawn chemicals. I can’t wait until I go out to dinner and have a steakalad.

America Needs You

Seems to me we don’t, and will likely not soon have, a government that calls us out on what we’ve forgotten. Namely, that we are Americans, and that as Americans we inherently value, treasure, desire, and thrive on diversity, freedom of speech, and freedom of just about everything. We must still fight for them, unfortunately, or fortunately, even within our own government. Lose